support customer through coating technology

For the company, strengthening competiveness and coping with environmental restrictions have entered an important age. We agree to support you through long-cultivated high-performance coating technology experts.

Our Coating Technologies

Coatings we provide are thin film coatings using application vacuum technology and discharging technology etc. Solid or gas is used as raw material for decomposition/composition through vacuum discharging to deposit a hard film of 0.1~10um thickness on the substrate. It's possible to roughly divide into PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) by the difference between the raw material and the deposition method, and we can use us appropriately by a coating film and the purpose of use.


Using optimized designs of materials, structures, and film thickness etc to achieve improvement in abrasion resistance, oxidative resistance, corrosion resistance and sliding performance etc., with such, make long life of cutting tools and molds, can using high-speed processing and dry cutting processing, improve performance of automotivecomponentsand machine part, and seek to substitute low-cost materials etc.

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Typical coating films
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